The Experiments/Synthesis Research

The inspiration for my research was based on the idea of how odor affects our personal live. I’m very interested on how some of our hygienic habits can transform our persona and how much unaware we are. Specifically, I’m very triggered with the smells we carry in our body, the ones we are not so conscious of their effect in our behaviour, like the smells we find in body soaps, creams, shampoos, cleaning products, etc. For many years a big majority of the human species has been using strong fragranced hygienic products in daily bases. If we consider the human body as a plastic (from plasticity) material, as a place of adaptation to the environment we could also ask our-self’s: is the human odor and behaviour being adapted to this extended use of synthetic smells? 

And here is where my experiments start.

You can check them out here: 

Synthesis experiments

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